Please, read you this section carefully.  

In this section, you learn how to install and to use the application in your web.

  • For to install, you have all information about the installation in the section INSTALLATION
  • For to insert the form for the comments in your website, you go to /admin-coolComment/containers/index.php
  1. Here, you select the link "New"
  2. You will view a new window
  3. In this window, you write the name of container and press the insert button
  4. You copy of the section code
  5. Press the "Copy code" button
  6. Finally, you must paste the code on the web and  create a div with the id "coolCommentDiv" (<div id="coolCommentDiv"></div>) and place it where you want the plugin to appear

Remember: when you do a new installation the options of "Active Comments", "Facebook" and "Notifications" are disabled.