To access the Administration you must go to the path where you installed the plugin.

For example: http://www.your-domain/directory path/admin-coolComment/

In the administration, you have sections diferents:

  1. Dashboard
    This is the homepage, when you enter in the aplicattion, after you write your login and password, you see is page.
    In the page have three elements, there are Settings, Comments and Containers. In the setting, you configure the count of administrator, you have custom settings and you can design the options of comments. In the Comments you can to see the comments of user and you can to configure options of comments. In the containers. you can to create and to see containers.
  2. Settings
    - You can set a username for entry in your administration
    - You can set a new password
    - Receive alerts for each new comment
    - Activate antispam measures
    - Comment monitoring
    - Change language
    - Change the style of comment management
    - Activate Facebook login
    - Configure email
    You can to see all comments, the comments approved. The comments pending and the comments spam. 
    You can delete the comments.   You can active the comments.
  4. Containers
    You can see the containers that you have created. Also, you have the option to create a new container for other website.
    1 - Here, you select the link "New"
    2 - You will view a new window
    3 - In this window, you write the name of container and press the insert button
    4 - You copy of the section code
    5 - Press the "Copy code" button
    6 - Finally, you must paste the code on the web where you want to show the comments