How do I set up Breena's Instagram footer widget?


1 -. Ensure you have installed & activated the plugin called "WP Instagram Widget"

Once you activate the Breena theme, there will be a notification banner across the top recommending you install & activate particular plugins for the theme. One of which is the WP Instagram Widget plugin we've included stylings for in the theme. Be sure to install & activate this plugin.

2 -. Navigate to WP Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets

3 -. Drag the Instagram widget into the "Instagram Footer" widget area on the right.

4 -.  Customize your Instagram Footer widget.

We recommend setting the "Number of photos" to be "6". And choosing "Large" for the "Photo size".



  • Ensure your Instagram profile is set to "public". The images will not show if your profile is "private".
  • If changes to the widget settings are not appearing on the homepage, please ensure you've cleared any caching tool you may have operating.