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Plugin Licance and post type


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    I purchased your theme named "Elletta - Blog News, Calendar & Shop Theme WordPress". I'm having some problems. The first is that the plugins that come with the theme are unlicensed.

    -Convert Plus
    -MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress
    -The Events Calendar
    -Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

    How can I get the licenses for these add-ons?

    My other problem is that after the "Demo Content" is loaded, there are "metaboxes" such as video, gallery, photo for each blog post on the home page. It applies a zoom effect when I hover over it with the mouse. But I cannot do this in the articles I have added myself. I installed the "Meta Box" plugin, but they don't appear here. What should I do for it?

    Can you help me?

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